A Blue Mountains Story

Welcome to the Articles and Information corner of our website! Here you’ll find all kinds of info about apothecary goodies, both common and unusual, to keep you informed on your natural therapies journey. As our first blog, we’d like to tell you a little about the images on the site, so grab a cup of your favorite tea, snuggle up, and haveĀ  a good read…

As you peruse the pages of our website, you may recognize the flora and fauna native to the Blue Mountains area: Acacias, Bottle Brush, Waterlily, Xanthorrhoea. On my vacation in Katoomba, NSW, I was able to capture a few images of my own, which I will share here in the blog corner over time. During my trip to Sydney, NSW, Australia in June, 2023, I had a perfect opportunity to visit my dear friend’s family home in the Blue Mountains after his mother’s passing in February. Her name is Mrs. Brenda Rovelli. She was a retired teacher – a passion we share – as I, too, am a certificated teacher (to children with disabilities). She collected beautiful and dainty antiques, and was a veracious reader about many topics. We discovered that she had a favorite hobby: making hand-customized greeting cards out of the photographs she took and had developed at a local printing company. So many beautiful photographs, many of which are added to the Oliver Meadows, LLC website to memorialize her talent, for you to enjoy.

A very special ‘thank you’ to Mr. Simon R. for his permission to use the photos. It is my pleasure to honor your loved one.



Articles & Information

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